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Frequently Asked Questions

What about Monarch?

Well, what about it? There’s no comparison! Check this chart:

Yes, Elegant Themes does have a separate social sharing plugin called Monarch that is available with your Divi license, but to be honest, it’s not very useful for Divi users. 

  • There is no Divi module
  • You are very limited in where you can add the icons
  • There are little to no customization options
  • The plugin is basically forgotten
  • It is complicated to use
  • It is no integration with Divi
  • There are not even any shortcodes

Our social sharing module has everything Monarch is missing, and it works beautifully with Divi! Admittedly we don’t have as many social networks yet, but adding more networks means more API connections and a little more strain on the server, so we are adding new networks wisely. We also do not have live share counts, on purpose! Those are nasty for page performance, and are not necessary in our opinion.

Why isn’t Instagram included?

Instagram does not support any kind of social sharing. It is not like other social networks. It’s simply not possible, so that is why there is no feature for Instagram in our plugin.

Will it work with the Divi Builder plugin (not theme)?

Our plugin will work fine if you are only using the Divi Builder plugin with another theme, but it is not optimal because some of our settings are located in the Divi Theme Options, which the plugin does not have.

Can I suggest new social networks to add?

Absolutely, we are definitely looking forward to adding more social networks in the future. It does take a great deal of work connecting with the different API from the various platforms, so we want to hear from you in order to put our time and effort into the best ones. Please contact us on our website to let us know which social networks you would like to see added in future updates!

Do social sharing plugins decrease page performance?

As with anything, there are hundreds of factors to consider in website performance. Any social sharing button plugin naturally requires some API connections with the social networks and JavaScript functionality to open the sharing dialog. We tested this plugin on pages, posts, and Divi Theme Builder templates and did not see any difference in page load time whether our module was used or not.

Why Choose This Product?

  1. Integrates perfectly with the Divi Theme Builder templates
  2. Totally custom sharing options for title, link, image, and excerpt
  3. We are a top-rated Super Elite Divi Marketplace product creator and community leader
  4. Our proven track record of continuous feature updates and improvements
  5. We are known for fast, friendly, and personal support
  6. Our products come with thorough and helpful documentation
  7. Thousands of happy customers love and trust our products